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An app that transforms the restaurant payment experience.


Flypay is a consumer services company that uses state of the art technology to make everyday moments simple and awesome with products that are currently transforming the hospitality industry.

Our core mobile app, Flypay, helps customers pay their bill, split a bill between friends, order and collect takeaway from their favourite places to eat, order at their table, and pay their bar tab.

You can find the Flypay app, as well as custom-developed apps created by Flypay for major restaurant groups such as Cabana, Wahaca and Gourmet Burger Kitchen, in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Our apps, and the back-end behind them, enables the creation of more efficient check out processes, and customised loyalty experiences, both leading to better restaurant and take away experiences!

We are continuing to expand throughout the UK, and also planning to begin to roll out our global presence over the coming months.